Episode 7: Vesting Prayers

The prayers the priest says for Mass begin long before he venerates the Altar and starts with the Sign of the Cross. Each piece of vesture that he wears has a prayer that goes with it that signifies the meaning behind that garment and, all together, give an indication of who the priest is and what it is that he does. Please share as you are able and give a review in iTunes or the Google Play Store!

The Choice to Follow Jesus – Sunday Homily

Delivered at St. John Neumann, where we are also offering the Sacrament of the Sick for the weekend:

Every day, we face a multitude of choices. It starts with the seemingly innocuous: do I push the snooze button one more time… To do I let that person in front of me in traffic, to the more profound choices that face us in our daily journey of life: do I tell that person at the bank they just dropped the envelope of cash, etc… Our life is filled with choices. And in all of those choices, we have the option to follow the Law of God, or to just shrug our shoulders and pass that option off until later…

The Book of Sirach, from which our first reading is taken, is concerned about these choices, obviously with how this reading starts: ‘if you choose, you can keep the commandments…’ The Book of Sirach is (more…)

Prayer, the Gift of Grace – Bulletin Column

Last week, in talking about the release of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer, I realized that one of the main challenges that we can face as disciples in the midst of the world is staying connected to the power of the same Spirit. There is the ‘Post Retreat High’ that can occur when someone has a mountain top experience and they are thriving on that spiritual adrenaline, yet as Peter, James and John have to eventually come down from Mt. Tabor, we have to eventually come down from that spiritual high as well.

And honestly, the real work of growing in holiness does not (more…)