The Quest for Heavenly Wisdom – Sunday Homily

We live in a materialistic time, there is no getting around it.

Over the last few weeks, we have the celebrated national holidays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The store circulars are out in full force. And the emails about this or that sale seemingly hit your inbox roughly every 15 seconds this time of year.

There are many options we could have in fighting against this tide, but we would ultimately lose, I have a feeling. But yet, as Disciples of Christ, we also do not want to just go along to get along, and by doing so get caught up in the rip tide sweeping us out into the depths of this world.

So how do we respond? (more…)

Towards a Better Education of Children – Bulletin Column

As we turn to chapter 7 of Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia, we find a ‘Towards a Better Education of Children.’ Here, our Holy Father recognizes the importance of family life in rearing and formation of children, even to the point of calling this the ‘essential role’ of the family today.

To begin the chapter, Pope Francis first asks the question, ‘Where are our children?’ By doing so, he also acknowledges that ‘families cannot help but be places of support, guidance and direction’ (AL 260) for their children. Therefore, parents should consider how they introduce their children to the various aspects of the modern world. Yet, the proliferation of electronic devices and new modes of communication present (more…)

The Journey of Advent – Sunday Homily

Delivered at Corpus Christi for the First Sunday of Advent, Year A:

As we enter the Season of Advent, we begin the new liturgical year in the Church. As always on this Sunday, we begin with the end in mind: not looking to the original birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, but rather focusing on his coming at the end of time.

It is an invitation to think: to think about where my current journey in life is going to take me… It is an invitation to consider: ‘If Jesus were to come, today, would he know me well enough to take me back with himself?’

In asking that question, most of us here would likely say, ‘of course!’ And this is my hope for us all. But how do we get that assurance that we all seek? It is an assurance that St. Paul certainly writes with in his letter to the Romans, so what can we learn from his life? (more…)