Sight versus Blindness – Sunday Homily

In our first reading, we have the election of David as King of Israel by Samuel, the Judge and Prophet. He did not look like a king, however. After all, he was out in the field with the sheep. But God sees what is in the heart. His predecessor, on the other hand, he looked the part of the king: tall, robust voice, nice beard, described as a man’s man, etc. etc. But King Saul was an awful king, he consulted with soothsayers, he embroiled the kingdom with foreign gods, got them into false wars, etc.

David, on the other hand, is almost described as that cute kid, when described as ‘ruddy,’ he was a red-head, ‘handsome’ in almost a feminine sense; and young, barely a teenager; (more…)

The Tree of Life – Sunday Homily

First off, a question from our first reading to see if you were paying attention:

How many trees did the Lord God plant, by name, in the Garden of Eden?

Who thinks one?  Who thinks two?

The latter are correct: they are the tree of life in the middle of the garden and the tree of knowledge of good and evil was also mentioned.

Now, which tree were they originally prevented from eating?

Knowledge! (more…)