Divine Mercy Sunday – Homily

I always wonder how much Thomas wanted to crawl under the table at that moment. To put yourself into his sandals, a week ago, he denied even the possibility of the Resurrection, and now: ‘Hey, Thomas, how are you?’

“Don’t mind me, I’ll be under this chair!”

But Thomas is so great in John’s account of the Gospel because he gives voice to so many things that we might express in our own lives. How often we might think the same sentiment: ‘Unless God does this for me, I will not believe!’

Yet, Jesus comes to us in that exact moment and in that exact question; answering it in a way that only He can, and always reaching out to us to bring us to a deeper and greater belief, striving to help us over come that doubt and care and concern, if we but just bring it to Him first!

Because despite so much evidence to the contrary, I think many of us have this image and view of God that He is out to get us. God is this divine taskmaster just waiting for us to screw up. And we know that at some level, we are all screw ups, aren’t we! (Me more than most!)

But that’s more of an image of how others see God than how we should. For Islam, God is Allah, Master, and the goal is to obey. For Judaism, God is so far other, we cannot even say His name, we have to call Him by the title Lord, Adonai, rather than use the Four Letter Name for God, the Tetragrammaton.

As Catholics, we get to receive Him into our very selves and be drawn intimately into the very mystery of Who God is in and of Himself, so great is His love for you!

Today, as we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday, bring your cares and concerns to Him, as Thomas did, that he can transform even that into something greater!