Divine Mercy Sunday – Bulletin Column

This past December, we concluded the ‘Year for Mercy’ in the Church. Pope Francis called this year to focus on the mercy of God, the generous Father, who always calls us to Himself and never ceases to seek each one of us out and welcome us home. It was an interesting year to look at all those images of mercy that come to us from the Scriptures, from the history of the Church and in the prayers that are presented for our reflections.

What struck me throughout the Year for Mercy was (more…)

Changed by the Risen Christ – Bulletin Column

Bulletin column for Easter Sunday:

In certain circles in the world today, it is vogue to offer various denials of the fact of Jesus’ bodily resurrection from the dead. The arguments range in scale from the Apostles stealing the body, to some elaborate hoax to questions as to whether Jesus was actually dead in the first place or not. In many ways, these objections are not new; after all, we see some of them raised in the Gospels themselves! Yet the ‘New Atheism’ that is growing in popularity today has returned to these ancient heresies in a search to discredit the Christian community of today. Yet, turning back to the Gospels, we can discern how to respond to the charges leveled in such a way.

Prior to the Resurrection accounts, when did we (more…)