Re-Present Jesus to the World – Sunday Homily

Attached are my recorded remarks for the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time, delivered at Corpus Christi, where I serve as a pastor. I also make a little announcement towards the end of the Homily. The prayer mentioned follows:



Heavenly Father,

Your Son called us to go to the ends of the Earth to proclaim His Message of Salvation

and to be generous in sowing the seeds of faith among the peoples of the earth.

Be with Fr. Kyle as he undertakes this effort of evangelization;

Let his efforts bear good fruit for the coming of the Kingdom;

Give him the joy that comes from knowing and loving You;

Give him the love that softens hearts to recognize your presence;

May the Church continue to grow and thrive long into the Third Christian Millennium;

We ask all this through Christ, Our Lord.  Amen.


God Bless 

The New Evangelization and a Project – Bulletin Column August 26 and 27

This weekend’s bulletin column:

As we have progressed deeper into the third Christian millennium, we have moved further and further into what Pope St. John Paul II called (and many other Christian thinkers agreed with him) a ‘Post Christian West.’ This was the heart of Pope Benedict XVI’s controversial ‘Regensburg Speech’ that rippled throughout the intellectual world.

In response, every Holy Father since Pope St. John XXIII has called for a ‘new evangelization’ of this post-Christian west. But whenever we talk of the ‘New Evangelization,’ the inevitable question arises: what is ‘New’ about the (more…)

Evangelization into the Modern Age – August 19 and 20 bulletin column

From this past weekend’s bulletin:

In our pursuit and understanding of the Church’s missionary efforts, we have reached a critical stage in Church History: the Protestant Reformation. Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther, a disgruntled Augustinian priest, nailed his 95 Thesis on a church door in Wittenberg, Germany, and unleashed a firestorm of dissent and confusion across most of northern Europe and chaos across the entire continent as the Catholic Church struggled to respond. In short, we were ill equipped to answer his challenges in a thoughtful and respectful manner, and the Church suffered dramatically because of it.

Yet, there was never a time where the Catholic Church lost membership. New missionary efforts were launched from Italy, Spain and Portugal into the newly discovered (to Europeans, at least!) lands of the West and the Far East. Shortly after the chaos of (more…)