Mary’s role in Vocations

I preached this weekend at Immaculate Heart of Mary parish in Anderson Township, here in Cincinnati. After the Vigil Mass, a parishioner came up to me to say that I had missed a big point in my homily: Jesus began his public ministry at the insistence and prompting of his Mother. Reworking the homily for the next day: “Mothers (and fathers) have a particular role in helping their children to find their vocation in life, not just their job or career, their vocation; how God is calling each child to live out his or her Christian Life.” For the moms out there, pray for the guidance to help find where God is leading your children, and what gifts God is asking you to help develop in your children so that they can follow His path.

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Weekend with Family

I spent the first half of the weekend with the family, as my twin brother was able to make it in from Iowa for our Christmas celebration. He, Peggy and Kayla spent the night Thursday at the Cathedral, and I have to think it has been a while since the pitter patter of little feet were heard in these hallowed halls. (She wasn’t too happy at being waken up to go to 7:00 AM Mass on Friday, tho!) It is always great to spend time with the family, which I unfortunately don’t get to do enough. I have 5 siblings, who are all married, with 11 nieces and 3 nephews (with another nephew on the way!) Seeing as how the oldest niece is in 8th grade, there is a LOT of energy at Mom and Dad’s when everyone is able to make it home.

Prayer Request Updates

Dear Friends,

Sean Tierney, a teacher in Elder’s Religion Department, is in need of your
prayers. Sean received word from his physicians at the Cleveland Clinic
that he needs to be placed on the national heart transplant list. For the
past couple of months Sean has been in and out of hospitals in Cincinnati,
with the doctors trying to determine the cause of his deteriorating heart
function. Around the first of the new year he was transported to the
Cleveland Clinic by ambulance and has been undergoing tests since his

Sean is 31 years old, married to Robyn (Wittich) just over a year, and they
are expecting their first child in April. Cleveland doctors believe the
cause may be a genetic disease/disorder that has recently activated and
attacked his heart. Sean’s doctors are hopeful–his blood type is common,
and his body type is good for the standards required for the transplant
list. Sean’s application for admittance to the transplant list goes to that
board either today or Wednesday. Once on the list, Sean said, there are no
guarantees. He might catch a break, and the transplant may be available

When asked what we could do for him and Robyn, his reply was prayers. And
this is my request–for your prayers, and to pass this request along to
others for theirs.

In addition, there already is an announced prayer service scheduled for this
Thursday evening (January 11) at St. Teresa of Avila Church (Price Hill).
7:30 pm – Praying of the Rosary
8:00 pm – Prayer Service of Healing
All are welcome to come and pray with us for Sean and Robyn and their families.

Thank You,

Thomas Otten
Elder High School
3900 Vincent Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45205