Clear, strong, deliberate, careful

Rich Leonardi cites a National Catholic Register article about the increase in vocations to the priesthood in English speaking seminaries. The article mentions Bishop Robert Carlson, who is the new bishop of Saginaw, Michigan, whom I had a chance to meet at the recent national convention for diocescan vocation directors in Minneapolis.

In reading the article, that men are attracted by living a life for the Gospel, and not some watered down, half-baked truth, that is why we spent so much time researching our new website for the Vocation Office and trying to make it content heavy. If you haven’t yet done so, check it out:

Lessons and Carols

Yesterday, in our wonderful Cathedral, we had our annual celebration of Lessons and Carols. Mr Tony DiCello, music director both here and at the seminary, does a wonderful job of assembling traditional hymnody, carols, and motets that really lift the heart in preparation for Christ’s coming at Christmas.

On a side note, I celebrated the 8:30 Mass yesterday morning here at the Cathedral. As it is the only Sunday Mass that I will celebrate during advent here, I had to wear the fancy set of purple vestments. I felt positively medieval wearing them, and would have felt right at home on the set of the next Harry Potter movie! I will try to post a pic of them soon. What is interesting is that you can tell they were designed before the Council because the back is much more ornate than the front, hmmm….

What a Week!

I returned last evening from a week spent at the feet of Fr. Benedict Groeschel at Trinity Retreat House in Larchmont, New York (just north of NYC). It was a great time of growth, prayer, and community as I got to know some wonderful priests from around the country. Fr. Benedict’s order is an inspiration to anyone in vocation work because they have grown so much over the twenty years since their foundation. (They now have over 100 members from their start of eight!) A synopsis of the retreat can be found in Father’s book, The Virtue Driven Life. It is as his other works, filled with insight and wisdom, balanced by the touch of pessimism of a native of Jersey City. (His words, not mine!)

I am glad to be home, though, and I am looking forward to a wonderful Advent and approach of Our Lord at Christmas.